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Sorrento Music Box Red Dove in Glossy finish

Handmade in Sorrento, ITALY.

This piece of art is approx 4.75 x 3.5 x 2.25 inches and plays Return to Sorrento (Torna A Surriento).

This has an 18-note visible movement and is lined with beige fabric.

Click our Library of Songs to hear examples.

Return to Sorrento (Torna A Surriento)

Finiculi Finicula

Santa Lucia

O Sole Mio

Isle of Capri

It's a Small World




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About Sorrento music boxes

Music boxes are made in many places in the world, but the Sorrento music boxes are special because of the wood they select, the inlay technique they use, and the superior workmanship of the artisans.  The inlay technique is a subtle and difficult art of putting together pieces of different colored wood to create the most complex and exquisite designs.

The beautiful colorful inlays are made without any artificial coloring agent but rather, they are made with different colored wood veneers. 

This detailed art technique is passed on from generation to generation making these creations great collectibles.

Mercata Imports music boxes are sourced from Cuomo's Lucky Store in Sorrento, Italy.

Cuomo’s Lucky Store 1856 music boxes are based on the ancient technique called "marquetry", usually known as inlaid, and offers very high-quality products.

"Marquetry" is obtained by stratifying linings of bright and dark woods in alternation.  Then the inlayer overlaps the pattern of the decoration to obtain on the top lining. Successively he performs the decoration by using the saw, while cutting the stratified veneers, automatically, and obtaining the different colored bits of inlaid wood, which fitted together give the decoration desired.

To accomplish blending, especially in floral designs, part of the inlaid bits performing the final decoration undergoes a preliminary treatment consisting in burnishing the bits to the blended into a sandblast room.

As regards decoration reproducing views the inlayer initially proceeds according to the basic technique above descripted, than introducing a variant, whose main characteristic consists in substituting the use of orange wood lining reproducing sky and rot lemon wood reproducing sea for the contrasting ground.

After that, the parquetry, chief characteristic of our products, is fixed to massive or laminate frameworks made in our joinery section. Than the manufacts pass through the smooth and polish stages which give our products that typical characteristic brilliancy, particularly thanks to special varnishes, like polyester varnish that let our products satisfy the taste of our customers.