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Linea LUXURY Red and Gray Swirl Round Earrings

Handmade in DERUTA, ITALY by Pia Formato

From the Linea LUXURY collection, the Red and Gray Swirl Round Earrings will look beautiful with any outfit!

This beautiful piece of art is almost 1 inch long from the top of the ceramic to the bottom of the piece and approx .5 inches in diameter.  Sterling silver hooks.

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What is Maiolica Pottery?

About Maiolica Ceramics

Italian maiolica and Italian ceramics are world renowned because of their master craftsmanship, durability, and beauty. 

During the Renaissance period, a small town in Umbria called Deruta, made use of the special clay from the Umbrian hills establishing itself as the center for the production of maiolica and Italian pottery.  The superior maiolica produced at this time gained respect as an art form, even though many pieces were intended for everyday use. The maiolica tradition continues in Deruta today, as well as in other parts of Italy.

Slight variations & imperfections are inherent characteristics in handmade, hand-painted items making each piece a unique work of art.  The ceramic artisans executing these designs are painting freehand with at most, a faint outline to guide their application of colored glazes. 

Mercata Imports Italian ceramics are all made by hand and are sourced from Deruta and Sorrento. 

    About Pia Formato

    Pia Formato

    In the Italian Province of Perugia, in the central region of Umbria, is an old hill town called Deruta, which is long known around the world for its refined Maiolica ceramics made from its local clay. 

    Pia Formato started her career as an artist at the Institute of Avellino and Academy of Arts in Napoli, Italy.

    Her love of art and Maiolica ceramics brought Pia to Deruta, the pulsing heart of this beautiful ancient tradition.  She learned the skillful craft under the diligent teaching of Master Romano Ranieri who shared with her secrets, techniques and mysteries of Majolica.

    Pia’s unique pieces, characterized by vibrant colors and original innovative decorations, thrive to enhance the Maioliche tradition rather than abandon it.  Pia’s unique designs are the result of using shining colors with metallic luster glazes resulting in amazing creations of art by a totally hand-made and hand-painted manufacturing process.

    How to care for Maiolica Pottery

    How to care for my Maiolica Ceramics?

      Italian ceramics are heirloom quality products and can last a lifetime with proper care.  Below are some suggestions to help preserve your pieces for years to come. 

      Maiolica is dishwasher safe, however many people hand wash their pieces as a precaution.  Since maiolica is a porous material, some pieces are not meant to hold liquid for a long period of time.  

      Maiolica hand-crafted products should not be microwaved, as it may crack and/or break the ceramics.

      Maiolica is sensitive to extreme temperatures, specifically boiling or freezing liquids.  Pouring water with a rolling boil directly into a mug, for example, may lead to breakage.  To avoid this, add small amounts of the hot or cold liquid into the item and wait a few minutes, then pour the rest.   

      Crazing or cracking is common in glazed ceramics.  The tiny, fine, shallow lines in the glaze do not affect the functionality of your pieces.