How to care for Maiolica Ceramics?

How to care for my Maiolica Ceramics?

    Italian ceramics are heirloom quality products and can last a lifetime with proper care.  Below are some suggestions to help preserve your pieces for years to come. 

    Maiolica is dishwasher safe, however many people hand wash their pieces as a precaution.  Since maiolica is a porous material, some pieces are not meant to hold liquid for a long period of time.  

    Maiolica hand-crafted products should not be microwaved, as it may crack and/or break the ceramics.

    Maiolica is sensitive to extreme temperatures, specifically boiling or freezing liquids.  Pouring water with a rolling boil directly into a mug, for example, may lead to breakage.  To avoid this, add small amounts of the hot or cold liquid into the item and wait a few minutes, then pour the rest.   

    Crazing or cracking is common in glazed ceramics.  The tiny, fine, shallow lines in the glaze do not affect the functionality of your pieces.